The Studio

I didn’t understand unconditional love until I found yoga. At the tender age of 19, I took my first yoga class and felt the tendrils of love seep through me.

It became my passion. I began to work as a front desk educator at a yoga studio just for my daily yoga class break.

I became a yoga teacher and loved teaching others the healing power of yoga.

Through the years, my relationship with yoga has changed. Sometimes it’s barely present in my life as I explore other modes of moving my body. And yet, the lessons it has taught me about mindfulness stick with me every day. Other times the passion for my yoga practice is so deep that I eat, sleep and breathe into it daily.

Yes, yoga is unconditional love. I know it’s there for me, and always will be, every step of my journey.

And so, I thought, what would it be like to tell my story through the lens of a younger version of me? A person just starting their yoga journey and has so much to learn about yoga and everything it offers?

It’s how I arrived to tell the story of The Studio. This story follows the inner workings of a humble yoga studio in the heart of Los Angeles. It follows a blended cast of staff and members. It gives us an honest and hilarious look into the twisted workings of a yoga studio trying to survive in the modern age of tech and SoulCycle.

To enjoy, you can find it on Amazon Vella. The first three chapters are free.

I hope you enjoy it!