Why Storytelling Has the Power to Help Us Survive and Thrive

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Storytelling is an innate tool that lives inside all of us. 

It’s in our very DNA. It is an evolution throughout generations. The ability to share stories with each other and to ourselves has contributed to our survival and the definitive growth of the human species. 

Our daily lives are painstakingly built upon the story formula of character-obstacle-goal that has pushed the human race forward into the modern world we live in today. For the human population to survive this long is so much more than just avoiding predators; it’s about connecting with others to form more significant stronger communities, reproducing to continue the human race, and believing in our ability to thrive. This is all done through the power of the stories that we tell ourselves and each other. 

A Brief History of Storytelling

It’s believed that stories originated as a tool to help humans communicate experiences to overcome deadly obstacles in the future. Humans learned through others how to improve their ability to hunt, gather food, avoid predators, and other survival tactics. Humans also used storytelling to spread ethical standards, which led to more peaceful interactions amongst groups, allowing groups to grow more significant than ever before.

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