Children’s Books

Why I Became an Author of Children’s Books

I had a difficult childhood. My parents moved us to a new city when I was 9, and everything I’d ever known about friendship before that point disappeared. The girls I became friends with were bullies. They made fun of me constantly and called me fat and ugly. I was afraid to stop being friends with them for fear of starting over once again.

Things got worse when I was 12. My Mom came out, and my parents divorced. I was so ashamed, and so was my Mom. This took place in the 90s. My family kept it a secret for four years. I was 16 when I finally admitted to my best friend that my Mom was a lesbian. It took me four more years to tell three times that many people. I spent my teen years lost. It was excruciating. I told myself I would never have children for fear I would pass on my damaged genes to them.

I never told my parents any of this. It’s not that they weren’t there for me. I simply didn’t let them in. Sitting in a dark world, I was unable to express myself or connect wholly with others.

Yoga Changed My Life

At 19, I found yoga, and it changed everything for me. The books I started reading helped me see more clearly the beautiful, intricately webbed life I was living. I was able to see a different story, a better story, about my childhood. Yes, there was a lot of pain. But there was also a lot of good that I hadn’t let in.

I Knew I wanted to Help Children Tell a Better Story

I know that I wanted to help children tell a better story as it’s happening to them. Childhood is a mess: full of turmoil and messed-up things. So why can’t we learn at a young age how to tell ourselves a better story? A story of healing, connection, and support?

That’s how the idea for children’s books centred around the teachings of friendship, bravery, and connecting came into being. Because no child should have to go through childhood feeling unsupported and unloved, it’s the book I would have wanted for myself as a young kid coming into my own. It’s the book that would have saved me from a lot of the pain I suffered. I hope it can do the same for your child.

Where to Find My Children’s Books

You can find my published children’s book picture series, Wilbert the Wombat, here.

COMING SOON: Tales Down Under Fig Tree, a middle-grade novel series centered around a group of Australian animals with human characteristics. The books explore relevant topics of connection, bravery, and love.