Wilbert the Wombat Saves the Day Children’s Book

The idea for this children’s book came to me after reading a tweet that said wombats were saving other animals in the Australian bush fires by herding them into their burrows. The myth was later debunked because wombats are actually known to have terrible eyesight and herding capabilities. However, the story lingered in my head, a song that needed to play out. And Wilbert the Wombat Saves the Day was born.

Far, far away in the land down under
where the wombats and wallabies do play,
there lived a wombat whose name was Wilbert,
in his burrow is where he liked to stay.

All day long he would eat and sleep and dig
and only pause when disturbed from above,
by the pitter patter of stomping paws,
showering him with dust he did not love.

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